How to watch Sky TV in Spain

Sky TV Spain. Thanks for visiting our website, we would like to start by explaining the many services we offer which will allow you to subscribe to Sky TV in Spain.

The most popular products in Spain are ;

  1. The Sky + HD box and viewing card package which can be ordered HERE.
  2. The Sky Q 2 TB system HERE.
  3. The Roku UHD and VPN router HERE.


Our aim is to ensure that by the end of this, you’ll know exactly which package is suitable for you and your family and what to order.

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Sky is renowned for offering premium TV content.

Channel packages in Spain

Although their channels are many and diverse the main packages of Entertainment, Movies and Sports offer a simple yet thorough choice of channels.
In the beginning around 1993-94 Sky offered a new wider selection of subscription channels than any provider in the UK had done before, this was helped by it’s flag ship product Sky Sports and it’s rights to the football Premiership which became the Premier League.

This has now progressed into one of the largest media companies in Europe. Packages are now seemingly limitless with satellite TV, streaming live, on demand content and the addition of stand alone channel content like Netflix, BT Sports, Disney + and many more.

With you can receive Sky TV abroad throughout Spain through a satellite dish alternatively, now we are able to offer internet TV.

Would you like a Sky TV subscription abroad in Spain, furthermore with access to On demand services? Now available to order, Sky UK TV anywhere in Spain, customers in the following regions are already taking advantage of Sky UK; Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Granada, Valencia, Cordoba, Malaga, Costa Brava, Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol plus many more regions.

A great selection of channels are available firstly, whether it’s Sky Sports including English Premier League, Spanish La Liga games or secondly, Sky Cinema with a vast selection of Movies.

A Sky TV European subscription service would allow you to receive this additionally, you can access great entertainment and box sets.

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Can I Watch Everything on Sky TV?

Whatever content you would like to view, it is likely to be covered on Sky’s channel platforms.

There’s no getting away from the fact that for most customers Sky Sports is the reason they subscribe to Sky.

Premier League and Championship Football, NBA, NFL, F1, Darts, Cricket, WWE, and much more, the list is endless. Add a BT Sports channel package and you have the ultimate UK Sports package including European Football and the Champions League.

If you are not a a fan of sports don’t be deterred. Sky offers an incredible selection of movies with Sky Cinema. There are 11 Sky movie channels and over a thousand movies to download on demand from the latest cinema releases, to their own productions.

Access to award winning box sets like Game of Thrones, Billions, The Sopranos and The Night Of. There are over 250 at any one time to choose from. In addition to this there are Documentaries, Music, Kids, Lifestyle, News and International channels, there are over 400 channels in total.

If you are interested in the Freeview channels then there are over 80 available as part of any channel package you choose. These include BBC, ITV, Ch4, 5 and if you go for a Northern Irish subscription RTE, TG4 and Ulster TV.

With Sky the only difficulty would be where would you fit in the time to watch all this great content.



Are Sky TV Channels available in Spain?

In short, Yes! There are two options 1. Internet TV and 2. Satellite TV.

If you have tried to access any of Sky’s or BBC’s content online, you may have noticed that this isn’t available in Spain, this includes Sky On Demand, Sky Go, Now TV and BBC iPlayer. This is where our VPN service comes into it’s own. We are the only VPN provider that guarantees access to these facilities.

The signal for satellite TV can vary throughout Spain from region to region. You may be able to watch Sky and Free channels in one town and 10 miles away it is unavailable. We have built up over the years a large pool of satellite installers based throughout the region who are able to offer expert advice.

Whilst viewing overseas a larger dish is needed in comparison to one you would normally use in the UK. The further south you go the larger the dish would need to be.

There are alot more options available on our website for viewing UKTV in Spain. Whether it’s the through the Now TV app on a roku/apple tv box or through the satellite dish with Sky HD or Sky Q.

Here we are going to explore the different ways to view Sky TV in Spain. SHOP NOW


Satellite Dish


Sky Q system and viewing cards

You can view Sky satellite television by installing a satellite dish and receiver in your home or business in Spain. The best options are Sky HD and Sky Q.


Sky Q

Sky’s Premium service for UHD and 4K. This for customers who want the best. A Sky Q 2 TB box offers over 180 hours of recording space and unrivalled access to UK content all streamed and received in up to 4KUHD.

The Ultimate Sky Q package offers Netflix, BT Sports, Disney + anf of course, all of the Sky channels to view abroad. With the Sky Q system comes an LNB and a Free VPN router for accessing on demand content.


Sky + HD

Sky’s best selling box the Sky + HD Drx890 offers a large 250gb of recording space and 250gb for on demand facilities. Add the VPN router to open up a world of great Ultra High Definition content on demand to view in Spain.

BBC iPlayer, ITV HUB, 4 OD and many more online facilities are accessible.

Now TV

Now TV is a contract free subscription based service, powered by Sky.

Contract and hassle free pay-as-you-go streaming service. You can stop and start the packages at any time giving you the flexibility to subscribe to what you want when you want.

Just like normal Sky through a dish, you can access all of their movies, sports and entertainment channels by adding these through the Now TV website and creating an account. If you don’t have a UK credit card don’t worry, we can arrange for an account to be sent to you for full access where you can then pay now tv.

From there you can subscribe through any compatible Now TV device. Here are some that we provide.



Now TV Streaming Sticks




Roku Devices, Streambar, Express or Premiere

Access the full Sky On Demand catchup with a VPN router for Spain additionally, access to UK content on any device in your home.

Access to ITV Player, 4 On Demand, 5 Player, BBC iPlayer, meaning you never miss an episode of your favourite channels.

English Television has never been easier to receive with Sky TV through a satellite dish alternatively, there is Now TV for customers to view in Spain through the internet. Here at we have the products Expats are talking about moreover, we are the largest supplier in Europe. British TV in Spain for Expats and UKTV enthusiasts.

We have a selection of internet based products for customers where a satellite dish is not feasible whilst in your home or alternatively, on the go with our mobile range of VPN services.

British TV abroad UK TV

Sky UK with are the premier TV broadcaster in Europe furthermore, our service is a full 7 days a week.

Sky UK offers many English Speaking channels in Spain and with we have the solution.

The Astra satellite covers most of Spain and the satellite dish size needed to receive the subscription channels varies however, the Sky Now TV HD or Roku box allows you to receive Sky. legally, including Live Sky

Facilities include Sky Sports Spain, box sets, variety and documentary channels, Movies in HD 1080i, and many more facilities furthermore, it is fully legal.

We have special offers for DRX 890 Sky HD boxes additionally, a Sky viewing card subscription service for British TV in Spain. Once you have the Sky box and Sky card installed we can activate the Sky viewing package of your choice. Packages include Sky Sports in Spain, New unrivalled selection of movies for instance, Sky has access to most movies before most other broadcasters.

How do I receive Sky TV in Spain

So… ‘How do I get Sky TV in Spain?’ are Sky TV’s largest supplier in Europe moreover, with the development of IPTV we are now the largest supplier in the World.  UK Ex pats, holiday home owners and fans of the Premier league can now  get the English TV you miss.

You can subscribe to our TV services Roku, VPN, Now TV additionally, a mobile subscription with Sky Go.

As Europe’s leading provider of Sky Cards and premium Sky subscription packages to customers all across Europe, we are delighted to offer sky cards and satellite receiving equipment throughout Spain. We specialise in providing English TV to customers living and working throughout every region of Spain.

Coming soon to Expat TV subscribers in Spain over 400 channels in standard definition, HD and new UHD 4K service through Sky Q Spain.

180cm Satellite Dish

What size dish do I need?

A stable and clear Sky TV signal in Spain depends on which region you live in, mainly due to Spain being on the edge of Astra’s transmission footprint.

In Northern Spain, basic dish requirements are to install a 120cm (1.2m) dish however, we recommend that you install at least a 180cm (1.8m) to 240cm (2.4m) dish if you want a far better, reliable reception without loss of channels, especially in cities such ad Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga.

In Southern parts such as Alicante, we recommend you use a 180cm (1.8m) dish for a reasonable reception however again, you’d be wise to install a much bigger dish of 240cm (2.4m) if you want to ensure continuous uninterrupted channel reception in most weathers.

A Sky viewing card subscription service additionally,  with a Sky + HD box 500 gb hard drive would give you the variety of English TV channels you miss in Spain.

Choose for your English Sky TV Europe and more importantly, your family’s entertainment. Order a Sky UK viewing card, Sky HD box, Sky Q or a Now TV subscription for Spain best of all, we offer a 7 day a week support service.

To be completely certain of the correct size dish required where you live, please contact your local professional or alternatively, a satellite dish installation company.

Sky UK subscription service in Spain for all ex pats looking for quality British TV, to receive Sky TV abroad in Spain.

Coming soon Sky Q UHD 4K viewing in Spain…Receive the highest quality HD channels wherever you are.

Internet TV in Spain.

Now TV will allow you to view Sky on a pay as you go basis, streamed through the internet to your TV anywhere in Spain and importantly, with a minimum 2 meg download speed.  You can have the English language TV viewing package of your choice with no contract and no installation of Sky wherever you are in Spain.

Sky Go gives access to Sky packages like Movies, Entertainment and Sports in your hotel or home in Spain additionally, you can view whilst on the go . Watch on up to 1 internet ready devices iPad, tablet, laptop and mobile. If you want Sky TV Europe in Spain alternatively, anywhere else in the world on the go SkyGo is for you.

V.P.N. Routers and VPN service for Spain.

Download or stream over 1000 Sky cinema movies On Demand additionally, over 250 box sets. These include classics like The Sopranos furthermore, access amazing blockbusters like Game of Thrones. There is a massive amount of English TV catch up, Top picks which is a section of the weeks highlights on UK TV Sky, Sky Store, Sky Box office and more all available throughout Spain.

How do I set up a VPN in Spain? – Our VPN routers arrive pre-configured so all you would need to do is plug and play however, our team are available for support.

Is VPN legal? – Yes, many companies and individuals use VPN services for a variety of reasons including anonymity and most importantly, security.

Is VPN safe? – Yes 100% secure through our servers moreover, you will be more secure than using expensive antivirus protection.

How do I get a VPN? – These are available free with our internet TV products alternatively, you can buy a VPN router on it’s own.

Why should I use a VPN? – Security, Anonymity, additionally unblocking geo-restrictions.

In conclusion, you can order one of our VPN routers with a Sky + HD box and card, to receive Sky sports, Sky Cinema, BBC and ITV in Spain.

Extra individual channels.

Receive Sky channels the same as the UK furthermore, and unlike most other providers order standalone channels in Spain.

Access BT Sports HD, Racing UK , Sky Asia, Box Nation, Premier Sports additionally, Playboy and other adult channels.

Areas is available in Spain

What parts of Spain can receive Sky TV signals?

Internet TV Services are available throughout Spain we recommend a minimum 2 mg Download Speed. For satellite tv in Spain with Sky Q and Sky HD we would recommend contacting us first for local advice.

Our customers all over Spain are enjoying full access to Sky television through the internet or satellite.

If you want to know how you can receive UK and Sky TV abroad in Spain, simply contact us today.

We have supplied sky digiboxes and sky viewing cards to customers in Spain in the following cities, however please contact us:

  • A Coruña
  • Álava
  • Albacete
  • Alicante
  • Almería
  • Andalusia
  • Aragon
  • Asturias
  • Ávila
  • Badajoz
  • Balearic Islands
  • Barcelona
  • Basque
  • Biscay
  • Burgos
  • Cáceres
  • Cádiz
  • Canary Islands
  • Cantabria
  • Castellón
  • Castile and León
  • Castile–La Mancha
  • Catalonia
  • Ciudad Real
  • Córdoba
  • Cuenca
  • Extremadura
  • Galicia
  • Gipuzkoa
  • Girona
  • Granada
  • Guadalajara
  • Huelva
  • Huesca
  • Jaén
  • La Rioja
  • Las Palmas
  • León
  • Lleida
  • Lugo
  • Madrid
  • Málaga
  • Murcia
  • Navarre
  • Ourense
  • Palencia
  • Pontevedra
  • Salamanca
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • Segovia
  • Seville
  • Soria
  • Tarragona
  • Teruel
  • Toledo
  • Valencia
  • Valladolid
  • Zamora
  • Zaragoza