Join us for the very best in Sky TV where you live! Sky TV San Marino.

Sky Cards are delighted to offer UK Sky TV in San Marino and offer the opportunity to subscribe to the Sky digital package or watch UK channels with a UK free to view card. We are San Marino’s premier Sky cards dealer.

Tel – +44 (0) 2032 838 000 or Email /

We offer a one stop shop to customers that require a Sky subscription or FTV card (free to view) in San Marino. You do not need a UK address if using our service! Pay monthly with your International credit card or UK direct debit! Watch Sky TV in San Marino.

If your living in San Marino Sky cards can provide you with a Sky subscription. Reception of all channels including channels from Astra 2d are possible with 1m -1.2m dish.

Our Sky TV service is also available abroad in these other countries:

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If you require our Sky TV services outside of the European broadcast footprint, please call us on Tel – +44 (0) 2032 838 000 or Email / to discuss your requirements and we will make our best recommendations based on your locations and needs.

To learn more about our complete product line, visit our store and shop online. For a complete list of UK TV channels available on our range of Sky TV bundles, please see our channel list.