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Sky TV Romania. Now you can enjoy Sky TV anywhere in Romania, Sky Cards can provide a Sky card and equipment to customers who wish to receive Sky TV in Romania. We offer all of Sky’s packages from the entertainment mix to the full Sky world package and we are more than happy to add any extra channels such as ESPN, BT sports or ZEE TV in Romania.

The most popular products in Romania are ;

  1. The Sky + HD box and viewing card package which can be ordered HERE.
  2. The Sky Q 2 TB system HERE.
  3. The Roku UHD and VPN router HERE.

Tel – +44 (0) 2032 838 000 or Email /

Now TV is an alternative in Romania which will allow you to receive the Sky and Terrestrial  BBC, ITV channels through the internet wherever you are in Romania. No dish  required. Pay as you go TV through Now TV in Romania, Sky’s own IPTV service.

This service will work with our very own VPN service and router for Romania. When set up with a Sky + HD box you can have access to On demand movies, (thousands of them!) , over 250 box sets, catch up TV and more services being introduced all of the time in Romania.

If you are looking for British TV in Romania, whether it’s terrestrial freeview English Television or Premium channel like Sky cinema or Sky sports, we have it covered through satellite or internet.

You will need a 1.5m (minimum) dish and a Sky + HD Digibox. We ship to Romania by UPS and we will issue a tracking number shortly after your order.

British TV in Romania

Customers can pay monthly and direct to Sky from Romania by credit card or a UK direct debit. We offer secure online ordering and a prompt efficient service. We have recently provided our services and products to Bucharest, Timisoara, Dega, Cluj, Constanta, Snagov and Sibiu. have established a reputation for outstanding service and are more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

Our Sky TV service is also available abroad in these other countries:

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If you require our Sky TV services outside of the European broadcast footprint, please call us on Tel – +44 (0) 2032 838 000 or Email / to discuss your requirements and we will make our best recommendations based on your locations and needs.

To learn more about our complete product line, visit our store and shop online. For a complete list of UK TV channels available on our range of Sky TV bundles, please see our channel list.