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Live UK TV and Sky TV in Cyprus!

We provide sky cards, equipment and our unbeatable service throughout Cyprus. Sky TV Cyprus.

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Please note in order to view every channel in Cyprus both day and night you will require a dish between 2.5m and 4.2m. As a result of this we would always recommend Now TV which would give you all of the UK TV channels ex-pats miss in Cyprus.

As you will know if you have visited or you live in Cyprus this does not seem a problem with many expats and most bars having Sky Tv or Now TV and we have already dispatched equipment to Limassol, Larnaca, Girne, Nicosia, Agros, Paphos and Agia Napa.

For the best in live Sky and Freesat in Cyprus why not choose Sky or now TV.

Now TV in Cyprus will give you to have to the Sky package of your choice in Cyprus whether it’s Entertainment, Sky Cinema or Sky Sports in Cyprus. have offered BBC, Sky and ITV to expats throughout Europe, Asia and North Africa for over 20 years.

Terrestrial TV for British TV is available in Cyprus including BBC, ITV, iPlayer and ITV player.

Also available is our VPN router service, for On demand, iPlayers in Cyprus.

Many Channels, Apps and Services available.

We’re excited to unveil a great selection of internet TV products available to view British TV anywhere in the World which will work great in Cyprus. Order today and have access to the channels you miss like Sky Sports, Netflix, BBC, ITV, Sky Cinema, Entertainment, On Demand and much , much more…

Due to the size of dish required we would recommend having an IPTV solution for viewing British TV in Cyprus. Now TV, Sky Go and our Freeview IPTV service is available to view the channels you miss in Cyprus.

Due to the change in the Astra satellite a few years ago the best solution to view British TV in Cyprus would be an internet TV or IPTV option. Here are some solutions.

1. Sky Go. Through any mobile, PC or Tablet (up to two devices) the customers can view Sky Sports , Movies, Entertainment and Box Sets on the go anywhere in the World as well as over 40 other channels for £19.99 per month.
Full details can be viewed Here.
2. Now TV. If you would prefer to view through a TV then Now TV would be best.The Box and router is £19.99 and £10 per month for the VPN service which allows the box to be used outside of the UK. Then the packages can be added on top.   Sky Sports , including F1 can be viewed on the Sports package at £33.99 per month, no contract and no satellite dish needed. This can be purchased Here.
3. IPTV Freeview box. Over 50 channels available to view anywhere in the World. This can be ordered Here.

Our Sky TV service is also available abroad in these other countries:

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If you require our Sky TV services outside of the European broadcast footprint, please call us on +44 (0) 2032 838 000 or email / to discuss your requirements and we will make our best recommendations based on your locations and needs.

To learn more about our complete product line, visit our store and shop online. For a complete list of UK TV channels available on our range of Sky TV bundles, please contact us.