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    Requirements for the registration

    Before registering your card please ensure that the software in your Sky box is up to date by following this onscreen procedure.

    Important – Register Sky card

    Your Sky card will be delivered to you loaded with the minimum package (Entertainment). Please select your preferred package and let us know as soon as you can because Sky will charge you £29 per month whether the card is active or not. Please remember. Sports, Movies and additional channels can only be selected once you have chosen either the base package. Full range of packages can be viewed HERE furthermore you can select additional standalone packages.

    You must have your Sky box switched on to get the activation signal. You will know the box is switched on, as the green light will be illuminated on the front of the box. Please leave the box on for at least 24 hours after registration. You must be getting the free channels (such as 501 Sky News) before the activation signal can be sent. If you have the messages “No satellite signal” or “Searching for listings” the activation will not work.

    Need help finding the required information to?

    Viewing card number

    The Viewing card number can be found on your Sky card as a 9 digit number, please enter it without any spaces however our system will recognise the number in most formats.

    Version number and Serial number

    Sky Q Box

    Press “Home” on the Sky remote control followed by selecting system settings then system info. This information isn’t essential however, as your Sky Q box should already be paired to your box.

    HD Box

    Press the “Services” button on the remote control. Scroll to the right until Settings is highlighted and press select. The scroll across  to “Details” and press select. This will bring up the “System details” page and you will see the “Version number” and “Serial number”. The “Viewing card number” will also be on this page, provided you have the viewing card in correctly.