Base VPN Router

£12.00 / month and a £19.99 sign-up fee

If you are looking for BBC or Netflix as part of your VPN Service….

…you will need a Premium VPN router instead which can be ordered herePremium Internet Router.

Order Your On Demand Router now.

The VPN router has a subscription of £7 per month for the VPN service which will allow online anonymity anywhere.



Order your Base VPN Router now.

If you are looking for a Basic VPN service for Torrents, IPTV or online anonymity then this would be great.










The TP link VPN router will  allow you to stream and surf securely.


…just basic VPN for the security of you and your family online. If you would to access further content and expand what you can use our VPN service for why not go for a Premium VPN router HERE. 

How Do I Set Up My VPN?

The Base VPN router, as with all routers, come pre-configured. This means that we have made the service as simple as possible. Simply connect your VPN router to the existing home internet router and you will have access to online anonymity.