How Much Is Sky TV Abroad?

Here we will answer; how much is Sky TV Abroad?

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To view Sky satellite TV anywhere in Europe you will firstly need a Sky box, a viewing card and a local satellite installer will be able to install a dish if it is not already in place. There are a number of options, Sky HD (£199) or Sky Q  (£349) are the most popular solutions.
Once the card is set up in your box we can then activate the chosen packages here –
– Signature (used to be called Entertainment)     £32
– Signature and kids     £37
Family (Legacy pack) Signature and HD     £49
Signature and  …
….Movies      £52
…..Kids, Movies        £57
…..Sports     £64
… and sports     £69
…..Sports and Movies     £75
…..Kids, Sports and Movies    £81
……High Def, Kids and Movies    £70
……HD, Kids and Sports     £84.50
……HD, Kids, Sports and Movies   £96

Additional Channels.

Disney    £7.99
UHD    £4
Netflix  £6
Multiroom  £15
HD    £8